New Work

“I don’t think painters have particularly bright ideas.”  [What do they have?]  ” I guess their talent for painting things…”    Willem deKooing

A harsh critique.  Probably true.

The new paintings are somewhat of a mystery to me. There is no back story that I am aware of and the painting seems to just kind of happen. Sometimes I’ll develop something seen during a nap or in a dream or from a sideways glance out of the window of the car. On others, the image might emerge during the process of dividing up the surface in some kind of way.  Like a diviner with a willow stick dowsing for water, I often get a “here not there” or a “this not that” sensation as I paint them.

At times a painting may seem unfinished to me, and as an idea or image fades in my mind, I’m not always clear about how far to go or where to stop. The French artist Georges Braque expressed it this way: “The painting is finished when the idea has disappeared.”   That’s kind of where I leave it here as well.

Below are some paintings made since late 2021:

Untitled in Green, 2021. Oil, enamel on canvas 24" x 24"

Double Spades, 2021. Oil, enamel, goldleaf on canvas 24"X 30"

Untitled Sign, 2021. Oil, enamel on canvas, 24"x 24"

Untitled With Bones, 2021. Oil, enamel, gold leaf on canvas, 20" x 24"

Untitled in Gold, 2021. Oil, enamel on canvas, 24"x30"

Spiral, 2022. oil, enamel, gold leaf on canvas, 24" x 30"

Flat Earth, 2022. Oil, enamel, encaustic on canvas. 24" x 24"

Space, 2022. Oil, goldleaf on canvas. 56" x 70"

Untitled w/ Birds, 2022. Oil, enamel canvas, 72" x 54"