Recent Work

As my subjects evolve, one’s natural yearning to assign or gather “meaning” from an unfamiliar situation remains the content of my work. The successful paintings prompt a cognitive search to interpret or understand an image even while, intentionally, it cannot be definitively understood.  The work becomes alive when one’s instinctive search for meaning interacts with the painting’s resistance to the same. What I hope for above all though is to make a painting one returns to as if to continue a conversation, a beautiful painting, a painting that surprises, a painting I have never seen before.

“…If it seems right to me, then it has a meaning, but I can’t tell you what meaning. I can’t be more specific than that.” Joan Mitchell


“A 3 x 5 Array”, 2020. Oil, enamel, gold leaf on wood, each 8”x10”


“The Planets” 2021. Oil, gold leaf, enamel on wood panel, 8”x10” each

“Those reports that are not explained by natural phenomena or exploding outhouses are known as UFOs…”  Cuthbert Soup

“Double Vision” 2021. Oil, enamel, gold leaf on canvas 70” x 84”
“ X-Ray” 2021. Oil, gold leaf on canvas, 62”x 80”
“Lab Result” 2021. Oil, enamel, gold leaf on canvas, 64” x 82”